five Top tips for print on site event photography

MPSV event photography

Printing on Site

A print on site service can be a great way of providing an element of spectacle at your event. 

It also gives you the ability to give your event guests something to take away with them as a souvenir of your event.

Allowing Space

If you’re wanting the on site photography to be a part of your event (in the same way as a photo booth might be) make sure you have enough room allocated for the studio set up and the kit.

Speak to your photographer about how much room they need to make their set up work. However, typically a 5x5m space should be fine – with a ceiling height of around 3 meters. This ensures a good fit for a backdrop – and plenty of scope for shooting group shots.

MPSV event photography
MPSV event photography

Raising Money

If you’re using the on site printing set up to raise money for charity, tell your guests about it. Also – don’t tuck the studio set up away in another room, where guests may miss it.

If your event has an MC, tell them to mention the photos are being taken. This will encourage your guests involvement.

You could tell your guests about the print on site event photography, on the invite to the event itself. In that way, if the images are being sold to raise run funds for a charity, people can ensure that they have a means of payment on them. 


If your event is in a marquee, make sure that there is a power supply that will be suitable for your on site photo studio.

MPSV event photography
MPSV event photography

Guest Gifts

On site event prints make great guest gifts, and souvenirs. If your guests are being photographed as they arrive at your event, then make sure your event photographers have space to set themselves up in an adjacent room.

In that way they can post produce the images, and create your gift prints as your event is happening.

Scheduling & Planning

Make sure within the event schedule that there is enough time to physically turn around the photographs. From the point at which the photos are taken to the point at which you want the finished images delivered.

The amount of time required for turnaround will depend on how many guests are at the event. Plus ultimately how many photographs the photographer has to post-produce and print.

However, this is something you can sort out before the event in the pre-shoot planning process.

The more details you nail down up front, will  mean the less potential there is for unpleasant surprises on the event itself – when you’ll least want to deal with them!

MPSV event photography