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We know this should be the bit where we wax lyrical about ourselves, and how amazing we are. But frankly, we believe great event photography starts with listening. And understanding.

I mean, who really cares if we are multi award winning photographers, if we’re a nightmare to work with?


Louise Mason - Event Photographer

Louise Mason

Partner / Photographer

Louise loves collaborating with clients to ensure that they get the best event photography coverage possible. And to make each event look the best it possibly can.

A born planner and organiser, she is also an instinctive team player. That’s why she’s increasingly looked upon as more than just ‘a supplier’ by an increasing band of loyal event clients and venues.

Jeremy Mason - Event Photographer

Jeremy Mason

Partner / Photographer

Jeremy enjoys the challenge of event photography. Taking an ever changing set of circumstances (often) and creating images that are ‘of the moment’.

He believes that given no two events are the same, it’s  the duty of the event photographer to approach every commission as a blank canvas. It should never be about  ‘photography by numbers’.

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Here's what people think of us and our work ...

“Thank you so much for all your help and support on the night. You were excellent to work with, great fun, accommodating and proactive in seeking out opportunities to capture the night as it happened”.

Gillian Hodgetts

Deputy Director of Communications and Marketing

South Central Ambulance Service, Hampshire

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 16.48.41

“I love it! Captures the brief perfectly!! Thank you!!”

Amy Wright

Marketing Manager UK & Ireland

Biotronik UK Ltd,


Amy Wright - Biotronik UK

“Motion Picture Stills & Video are extremely professional and provide outstanding images for clients and venues. They are a delight to work with and are very accommodating of the limitations and restrictions they are faced with at unique venues.”

Anna Pickvance

Events Manager

The Ashmolean Museum,


Anna Pickvance

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