Choosing The Best Event Photographer Tips and Tricks

Choosing Best Event Photographer Tips and Tricks
MPSV event photography

It's good to talk

It’s always worth having a chat with your photographer before you’re thinking of booking them. You’ll soon get a gauge of how experienced you think they are.

Ask how long they have been in business for. How many events have they covered? Which venues have they worked with? Is it their full time job or is it just a part time hobby that pays?

As professional photographers, we often hear of horror stories. Such as when clients have been let down by inexperienced photographers or hobbyists.  People who have have talked themselves into a job, which is way above their experience level.

We’re bound to say it, and you might say we’re biased, but we believe that experience really does pay, especially if your event is a one off. There is no scope for re-takes!

Portfolios may not be all they seem ...

Always ask to see all of the images from a live event that the photographer has recently shot.

It’s very easy to create a few stunning standout images for a portfolio, but it’s a very different thing to demonstrate consistent quality across an entire event.

Make sure you see a representative sample of their work and judge them on that rather than a few handpicked and heavily edited portfolio shots.

MPSV event photography
MPSV event photography


Make sure your photographer has all the necessary insurance covers in place – particularly Public Liability Insurance.

Most venues require Public Liability Insurance as a minimum (anything from £2m – £10m cover may be required – depending on the venue).

It is standard practice as an event photographer to be asked to share your insurance cover details with a venue you have been booked to shoot in. So if the photographer can’t show you valid PL insurance – go elsewhere. If not, you could be held liable if something were to go wrong on the shoot.

Getting along ...

Also, it might seem strange to say so, but do you feel that you have a rapport with the photographer you’re about to book?

Ultimately you need to be able to trust your event photographer, and know that you’ll be able to work closely as a team together during your event.

Communication is key, and you really need to be on the same page when it comes to expectations of what is going to be covered photographically, as well as knowing and understanding the event schedule – what’s happening when.

MPSV event photography
MPSV event photography
MPSV event photography

Team Players

A good event photographer will view themselves as part of the overall event team – with everyone working together to ensure the event’s success.

So as well as photographic ability, we believe you should also be looking at the photographer’s overall approach to their work.

For example, how flexible will they be if plans change on the day? Will they pull out all the stops to make your event a success? Or will they be stubborn and awkward?

As professional photographers we would say that being team players is one of the most important attributes that you should look for in an event photographer.

Because, at the end of the day, what you’re organising is not a photographic shoot, where the photography is front and centre. It is simply an event which you want documented photographically. However,  the photography takes a back seat to the event itself. That’s how it should be. It really is not all about us!

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